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2016 Chevrolet Tahoe Specs, Features, Review

2016 Chevrolet Tahoe is a versatile car. However, talking about modern design, Tahoe is one of the vehicles that do not follow the modern design itself. Until today, when people see a glimpse  of these vehicles in the pass, then he would say “this was Tahoe which sculpted bodyside panels and a confident”, characterized by a straight line that defines the exterior edge, quite confident and familiar among the consumers.

chevrolet tahoe 2016 review

Interior Design and capacity

Tahoe can accommodate seven to nine passengers, but the capacity depending on how you adjust the seat position because Tahoe 2016 offers a power-folding option to the second and third rows of seats that can be converted into cargo-hauling mode. In addition, full-size SUV also can handle a heavy duty well enough. Chevrolet is said that the capacity of crane is capable in reaching 8,600 pounds but in quotation marks if it is configured properly. The center console is wide enough so that the small size of the laptop is able to load.

2016 Tahoe Redesign

2016 Chevy Tahoe Pictures

Features and equipment

Chevrolet Tahoe 2016 has been working hard to offer a variety of comfort, like a lot of fancy features that are available in modern other vehicles, while on the road you can still connect to the Internet, charge the iPad, and are also available system infotainment which is also give the exciting entertainment such as Chevrolet Sonic, LCD touch screen radio equipped Chevrolet Mylink connectivity and Blu-Ray DVD.

2016 Chevy Tahoe Release Date

2016 Chevy Tahoe Colors

Speaking about some comfortable part of this vehicle, Chevrolet Tahoe  2016 offers the best section as well as the use of power steering that helps in making it easier to drive,  lighter and more  fuel saving. The cabin is noticeably quieter than its predecessor, especially in LTZ models which offered a long side of GM’s Magnetic Ride Control which dampen any shocks at every millisecond. This system can you feel when in the winding road, although basically Tahoe was not designed with a sleek design, so it will slightly reduce agility.

2016 Chevy Tahoe Changes

2016 chevrolet tahoe z71


2016 Chevrolet Tahoe comes with a single drive train ability  and rates 355 horsepower, 383 lb.-ft of torque which comes from EcoTec3 5.3L V8 engine that is coupled together with automatic six-speed transmission, the ability to apply in a four-wheel-drive or rear-drive, while the EPA estimated 23 MPG  standard performance of  V-8.

2016 Chevrolet Tahoe Release Date

2016 chevrolet tahoe ltz


Speaking about security features,  Chevrolet was   the king in offering maximum safety package as GM’s exclusive front-center airbags, adaptive cruise control, forward collision alerts, blind-spot monitors, parking sensors front and lane-departure warning system.

2016 chevrolet tahoe ltz interior

Tahoe claimed as the best-selling full-size  in  SUV segment, there are some interesting parts in  model 2016 such as additional feature that is said to be available on other competitors, built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi and Lane Keep Assist in  better upgrade. Well, that last bit of information about the arrival of Chevrolet Tahoe 2016, you can also know about our review on 2016 Pontiac GTO Judge Specs, Price, Review our other sites

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