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2016 Dodge Charger Specs, Price, Review

2016 Dodge Charger

2016 Dodge Charger is ready to roam the street next year. It comes out with clean and more modern lines that will give you  new appearance on the exterior design. Even though there is no excessive changes on the exterior and interior of this vehicle, but Charger still offers high quality bodywork and powerful engine under the hood. This vehicle is made for those of you who want to own a car that has muscle car concept.  If you do not believe me, just see the overall style of this car, it looks dramatic and it has drag-race concept as the bodywork.

2016 Dodge Charger SRT8

Dodge Charger 2016 Trim Levels

You will get many options of Dodge Charger in 2016 as this muscle car will be available in different trim levels. The SRT might be the best option for those of you who want to buy a powerful coupe to drive. But the price of 2016 Dodge Charger SRT is the most expensive in compare with the same trim levels. As alternative, you can choose Dodge Charger SE, Scat Pack, and SXT as your choice. The one thing that distinguish all of those trim levels is the drivetrain of the car, you can choose the AWD or RWD system that will support the main engine.

2016 Dodge Charger 2 Door

2016 Dodge Charger coupe

Engine and Price

Thanks to V-6 engine that capable of producing 290 horsepower and with this energy, it can bring you to reach 60 mph in less than 4 seconds. I think it is incredible how the 3.6-liter engine will give you the new sensation of driving with new Electric Power Steering. If the rumour is right, there will be a chance that the V-8 will replace the V-6 engine system. Meanwhile for the price, it seems that you need approximately $ 40,000 if you want to bring the all new 2016 Dodge Charger to your garage. 2016 BMW 7 Series 750LI xDrive Reviews.

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