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2016 Nissan Leaf Redesign, Specs, Price, Ratings, Review

2016 Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf 2016 is the new compact hatchback that will arrive as cheap cars 2016. The Japanese auto maker guarantees that the new Nissan Leaf will be a good selection for those of you who have limited budget. We know that some sedan have high rate on the marketplace, meanwhile hatchback always become the second options for those of you who want to buy compact city cars in reasonable price. So, among the other competitor on the market, Nissan Leaf comes in with latest technology on the inside. This is the reason why you should get one of these series.

Best in Class Electric Cars

Since the early of 2010s, there are so many auto makers that offer new electric cars for the automotive enthusiasts. Toyota released the Prius hatchback, while Nissan keeps developing the Nissan Leaf variant. So, as the third generation of this series, Nissan assure you that this compact hatchback will give new sensation of driving with better gas mileage. It is believed that Nissan Leaf 2016 can reach up to 104 mph on the highway. Thanks to the new engine system and the lighter chassis that will not burden the acceleration of the car.

Third Generations Nissan Leaf

Engine and Performance

You will be equipped with 30 kWh electric engines that will be the main source of power in this car. This is a 0-emission engine that will make sure that you can get better sensation of driving because the emission created will not damage the environment. And you should be realistic as it uses electric engine, then you can’t drive as fast as the petrol gas engine. It can reach 30 mph and that is the recommended speed for the owner of this car. It takes about 30 minutes to charge the battery so you will get enough power to travel up to 42 miles which is sensational.

Price and Trim Levels

Based on the there will be two trim levels of Nissan Leaf 2016. You can choose the Nissan Leaf SV or the Nissan Leaf LS model when it is released.

There is no major difference between those two trim levels, but you will get different interior style with different leather on the inside. The price stills the same as Nissan will release this electric car at price $ 23,000 on the marketplace. Let’s wait until the official release date of Nissan Leaf 2016 announced to the public.

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