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2016 Pontiac GTO Judge Specs, Price, Review

2016 Pontiac GTO

Many people judge about 2016 Pontiac GTO that will be released next year. I know that it’s a common thing a few years ago, when the second generation of this car had release, the people also talked about the revised design of this roadster because it looked different with its predecessor. Now, as the third generation of Pontiac GTO, the automaker promises that this one would be very different with the previous update. Pontiac believes that only few people that will judge the performance, specs and also the engine that used on the brand new GTO 2016.

Pontiac 2016 Models

New Pontiac GTO 2016

Pontiac GTO Judge 2016

Pontiac GTO New Specs

Start from the inside, Pontiac leaves the previous chassis and they decide to bring the new one that is lighter but stronger. We haven’t found the component of its chassis but we sure it’s more aerodynamic and efficient as well. You will find out that the signature of Pontiac on this variant still the same. It comes along with new grille and new headlights as well. Plus, there will be two air scoops on the front hood that will make the air inflow better to support the engine system. And I’m sure that this one would be the king on the muscle cars segment. Also, you will get more features and hi-tech system on the electricity.

Pontiac Model Names

2016 Pontiac GTO Release Date

2016 Pontiac GTO Judge

2016 Pontiac GTO Engine

Rumor said that there will be two different engines on this variant; HEMI and Turbocharged. Some people said this one will be equipped with 6.0-liter V-6 engine that produces up to 430 horsepower but some of them say that Pontiac will give V8 HEMI unit. It is more powerful, it’s stronger and it will allow you to drive faster as well.  The engine unit will be supported with responsive 7-speed Manual Transmission and Rear Wheel Drive system to maximize the power of this car. The buyers can choose the kind of trim levels they want.

2016 Pontiac GTO Concept

2016 GTO Pictures

2016 GTO Judge

Pontiac Return in 2016

Release Date and Price

People expect that this muscle car will be unveiled before the 2015 ends. But we need to wait until Pontiac confirms the official release date with press release for this car. Since it will release in two different trim levels, the price will distinguish this car. The entry-level will be priced at $ 33,000 and the high trim will be priced around $ 55,000 up to $ 63,000 on the marketplace. Now, let’s wait and see the appearance of 2016 Pontiac GTO on USA.

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