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2016 Volvo XC60 Towing Capacity, Specifications

Volvo XC60 2016

Volvo XC60 2016 will come out with the XC90 at the SUV segment on the US marketplace. Even though both of those series will be sold worldwide, but the US market seems to be the first place and the main focus of sales. So, what’s the difference between the XC60 and Volvo XC90? I bet that you’re curious about that and want to know what makes both of these cars special. First of all, the difference is in the engine that used. The new Volvo XC60 will get Turbocharged engine instead of DOHC engine that used on XC90. It means that you will get more power if you drive with this car. It is 2.0-liter 4-cyl Turbo engine that capable of producing up to 240 horsepower with 258 lb –ft of torque. I know that the horsepower produced is less than the its predecessor but it gives you advantage in gas mileage rating.

Volvo Suv 2016 Models

 2016 Volvo XC60 Towing Capacity

The EPA-rated gas mileage for Volvo XC60 2016 is 24 mpg on the town with 31 mpg on the highway. It uses 8-speed Shiftable Automated transmission which is smoother and easier to be used. Well, all of the specs of engine now have been revealed and you can consider before you buy this SUV.

Exterior and Interior Design

Talk about the design, there is no big difference between these two SUVs. Maybe the dimension that will distinguish these species, the Volvo XC60 2016 has smaller dimension than XC90 because it only can accommodate up to 5 passengers. The third row seats are provided as storage. The interior is decorated with Dual Screen Rear Seat Entertainment system that will pamper the passengers. It uses Harmon Kardon Sound System which offers different sound than before.

2016 volvo xc60 t5 premier

 2016 volvo xc60 interior

The exterior of this SUV has good-looking appearance as it comes with 18-inches Leda Diamond Cut Wheels that will make the appearance of this car looks stronger. The roof rack gives you benefit as extra outside storage yet it makes the appearance of Volvo XC60 2016 looks sporty.  The combination of Rear Spoiler and Skid plates will complement the exterior design.

2016 Volvo Xc60 T5 Platinum

 2016 volvo xc60 gas mileage

Price and Release Date

Guess about the price?! Well, this variant is clearly cheaper than XC90. It is starting at $ 37,000 as MSRP while the XC90 is worth for $ 48,000 on the marketplace. Now, you know the difference both of these SUVs about the price, design and specs of Volvo XC60 2016.

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