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2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus Supercar Review

After spending much of its history and the shadow of its German rivals, out he launched the R8 in 2007. Firmly establishing its credentials in the supercar universe It was the superhero, that he needed to save it from an eternity, as a luxury afterthought. But can this sequel, recapture, and the excitement of the original.

2017 Audi R8 Supercar

Well the 2017 Audi R8 supercar doesn’t stray far from the original re-air, really didn’t need to. It was ahead of its time a decade ago, looking like a concept car hitting the streets, and it still remains completely distinctive in the sports car scene. So you won’t confuse it for a port or BMW anytime soon. But the 2017 Audi R8 doesn’t just look light years ahead of the competition. But also delivers a genuine supercar experience, from its aluminum and carbon fiber construction and wildly 10 engine to a high-tech and modern, very luxurious cabin Because the right platform is shared with the Lamborghini Huracan.

2017 R8 V10 Plus

On no expense was spared in its development. The result is a weight saving aluminum frame with partial carbon fiber tub that yields an ideal combination of lightweight rigidity and durability. It’s forty percent stiffer than the first generation, but the mid-engine design still has the V10 behind the driver. Housed under a glass panel that shows off, its aluminum construction and gratuitous carbon fiber trim. The RA comes in two states of tune the 5.2 liter V10 delivering no less than 540 horsepower. But i’m driving the 2017 Audi R8 V10 plus, delivers 600 horsepower and revs up to a staggering 8000 rpm and beyond. With that light aluminum frame and big power delivered to all four wheels, the RH shoots off the line like an arrow and hit 60 miles per hour in about three seconds. It even has a launch control that makes for perfect launches every time when you want to feel the full force of this engineering marvel. But even without dropping the hammer it’s so smooth that is almost too easy to drive too fast, so keep your eye on the speed if you ever pin the throttle.

2017 Audi R8 Convertible

As with any modern sporting outie a dual-clutch gearbox takes care of shifting. Anticipating gear changes with almost clairvoyant precision. Whether braking hard for a corner or powering out of it and accelerating onto a straight. You can also flip the paddle shifters for quick gear change of your own if it suits you. The steering is surgically precise, and the car dives into corners with the kind of balance, that only a mid-engine car can manage. Quattro all-wheel drive and electronic torque vectoring, balances torque to all four wheels so you can power the corners with complete confidence. The pirelli p0 is offering monstrous levels of grip.

But it’s not all super car all the time, using the drive select button on the steering wheel, you can adjust the cars aggression from smooth Grand Tour to Hulk smash angry. In comfort mode your changes and power delivery are smooth but still quick, and the ride is still firm but not harsh. Which is a relief compared to the previous Audi V10 plus which was rock hard and very aggressive all the time.

Audi R8 V10 Review

Switch the dynamic mode and throttle response becomes lightning-quick, gearchange feel like a whip cracking and magnetic ride dampers lock into vibranium mode, while the exhaust goes into beast mode. No matter what mode you’re in the brakes have vicious stopping power, the carbon ceramic in the Audi R8 V10 plus snapping you against the seat belt if you come down hard on the left pedal. The tech is intuitive, and it’s complemented by an interior that’s one of the best in the business, with creamy leather seats, gorgeous aluminum trim and carbon fiber around the shifter, and every knob and button is damp just right. With precise and purposeful weight and feel just like the steering.

2017 R8 V10 Plus Interior Front

Visually, the interior looks like a futuristic flight simulator with controls on the steering wheel, and all the information in the hi-res 60 frames-per-second virtual cockpit gauge cluster. That can display mapping and audio or switch to a large view of attack front and center. The screen is controllable via steering wheel buttons are the large dial on the center console, which doubles as a touchpad with handwriting recognition, and voice commands make your personal concierge, when your hands are busy driving the car or battling your arch enemy.

2017 R8 V10 Plus Interior

It’s a slick high-tech zone, but it’s also easy to use with a minimum of distraction while you’re driving. For a car with such superhero looks it’s surprisingly easy to drive and live with push the right button, and an entirely different character emerges. That set the R8 2017 apart is its unique design and impeccable quality. But it can still match the pace of the best sports cars in the world on the street, and on the track. For more supercar check out and also read 2017 Honda Accord Sedan Specs, Price, Review

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