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2017 Dodge Cuda Specs, Price, Release Date

As we know that there are many automotive manufacturers nowadays. It starts from little to the big one. Moreover one of the manufacturers which have produced various cars is Dodge. Known as luxury car manufacturer, now it comes with the latest car that is 2017 Dodge Barracuda.

2017 Dodge Cuda Front Three quarter

2017 Cuda Redesign

From the rumor, Dodge Barracuda 2017 is designed in two-door coupe and remains a muscle car. However it will still borrow the elements from supercar world. For instance is the light weight material that makes this car lighter when it is compared to similar models. The aggressive and powerful look can be found here in its exterior.

2017 Dodge Cuda Side

The redesigned car starting from the exterior up to another part indeed will attract the automotive market. Inside the car all of buyers can find the high technology not only outside the car but also inside it. With the technology in this car, indeed all of buyers can find the best vehicle it its class. If you are curious, below is the review of new Barracuda 2017.

2017 Dodge Cuda Specs

To begin with, it is about the powertrain and performance of the car. In this 2017 Dodge Cuda, there are three options of engine which can be chosen by all buyers. For the most powerful one is 6.2 L supercharged Hemi V8 engine. This one will produce more than 700 hp and with maximum output 650 lb-ft of torque. With the engine above indeed this vehicle from Dodge can be a good choice for those who want to own the fast car.

2017 Dodge Cuda engine


Another engine used is 3.6 L V6 Pentasar engine. Here it can give people a better fuel economy. Thus if you want to get a better fuel economy, this medium power engine is a good choice. Meanwhile the last engine that is 2.4 L inline 4 cyl Tiger-shark engine becomes the most fuel efficient engine that will produce 184 hp and 172 of torque. Then, if you want to know more information about Dodge Barracuda 2017, below is the explanation of interior, exterior and many more.

2017 Dodge Barracuda Price and Release Date

Talking about the exterior itself, it is a little bit different from 2016 Cuda. You are able to see that the redesigned exterior can be found here. This car will be designed in radical concept in which it has single thin grille which is connected to LED headlights. Then the large front bumper also adds the beat look of this Dodge car.

2017 Dodge Cuda interior

Also the light weight of this new Barracuda helps the performance of the car too. Meanwhile in the part of interior itself, it is equipped with modern design and also high technologies. Improved dashboard, LCD touch screen, leather upholstery, chrome trim and the other equipment inside it will be the best things from this car. Then about the price it is around $60,000 for the base model. Indeed it is worth enough when we can see all of great things from this Dodge Barracuda car 2017. In addition if you want to see this car directly, it can be seen in the end of 2017. Are ready for it?

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