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2017 Ford F 150 Raptor Shelby Edition Horsepower

And now for the truck that you probably all been waiting for, you will relax this is the new 2017 Ford Raptor. Honestly, I think it’s one of them off road truck straight out of the factory for 2017.


2017 Ford Raptor Shelby Edition

2017 Ford Raptor Horsepower

yeah! and practically every way except perhaps one but we’ll get to that in a little bit, under hood you’ve got a brand-new 3.5 liter second-generation Eco turbocharged V6 engine, give you 450 horsepower, 510 pound-feet of torque and get this matched to an equally ten-speed automatic transmission at the crazy number of gears, this thing benefits of the standard definitions weight loss programs up to 500 pounds lighter, than its predecessor which makes it before it even better.

2017 ford raptor interior

2017 Ford Trucks Coming Out

Yet seriously! This truck when you boot it especially in sport mode, if it feels so good! But I got to tell you? it feels awesome and it’s quick, but it’s just missing that instant torque hit that old v8 used to have. it doesn’t take long for the turbo spool up, but there is a little bit of black.

2017 Ford Raptor Colors

Now on top of that, well it does sound good for a v6 and it does sound good. it just will never replicate that the eight probably never going to get that sound out of this engine. we didn’t get a chance to test the towing capability of the tractor as well, we put 4,000 pounds on the back and 2017 Ford Raptor has its is rated at 6,000 pounds, and unfortunately it’s just a little too rubbery to really be confident inspiring, however it is way better and more control than the old run.

Ford F 150 Raptor 2017

And even unloaded it’s pretty low d out on the road so to your point way better than the previous generation raptor. and what do you expect this thing has 13 plus inches of suspension travel so you could probably hit like a parking curb at 70 and not he should, feel it but you’ve got new Fox shock absorbers that are forty four percent larger than the one found on the previous wrapper, which again just helps make this thing a beast out on the trail, totally i bet i could hit that curve and not even though my cover copy.

2017 Ford Raptor Shelby Baja

Now all of those shortcomings we mentioned, totally ball out of your head when you get this thing out on the dirt, it’s a purpose-built high-speed off-roader, and it does a great impression of a Baja for your runne. Honestly these Fox shocks the suspension, just eats up the box cruising along at 70 or 80 miles an hour you’re floating along great time. Now on top of that the steering feel is also excellent great on center field very confidence inspiring, and the steering wheel is also quite nice to feel in your hand.

New Ford Trucks 2017

Now the other thing I need to mention is Baja mos first of all awesome name good job forward, second of all Baja mode Taylor’s destructive coming off road it leaves the RPM nice and high heat the turbo spooled up to get that instant hit of power, and it’s even adjust your steering wheel makes nice if you put this thing about how mode and it’s just it’s so much fun expandable.

And while you’re waxing poetic we don’t forget about that new transmission, it may have a ton of gears but this 10 speed is just, so responsive if you’re out on the highway and you nail it is no problem whatsoever dropping five years just like that, and dropping into the horizon really amazingly refine too, for a transmission that performs.

2017 Ford Raptor Shelby Edition

And to top it all off this 2017 Ford Raptor could be the bargain of the century, you can get a super tab or a super true model, and get this the rapture starts at less than fifty thousand dollars. Now the model that we have here stickers 463 brand because it’s got some options on it, but honestly for a base truck you’re still getting all of that performing. Now if you are asking need to spend 50 grand, I would take 2017 Ford Raptor over you know something like Shelby GT350, because let’s be honest this thing is. Read more 11 Best Family Cars of 2017 Top Truck and SUV

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