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2017 Ford Mustang GT 0-60, Horsepower, Specs, Price

What is up you guys go penny here today the 2017 Ford Mustang V6 courtesy of mccafferty ford, of Mechanics burg PA and yes this color you’re looking at right now, is one of the new colors for 2017 Ford Mustang lightning blue metallic, and honestly I like it better than the grabber blue, that’s just my opinion this is an awesome color. especially up close in person but anyways started with pricing for the mustang V6 that’s gonna start at $24,645 from the cube, then there’s a convertible version of course as well that was going to go for $30,145, powering the V6 is going to be a 3.7 liter v6 go figure.

2017 Ford Mustang Lightning Blue Metallic

2017 Ford Mustang GT HP

Putting out 300 horsepower, at 6500 RPM, 280 pound-feet of torque available at 4,000 RPM. And of course that power is going to be sent to the rear wheels transmission options there are two of them, you can choose between a six-speed manual which does come standard, by the way that manual transmission is excellence very smooth shifting I driven on the 2017 Ford mustang GT definitely a fan of that, but there is another transmission option that is the one this car is equipped with today that is going to be the six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. And miles per gallon are going to come in at 18 in the city 27 on the highway, and since this is the V6 is the only mustang that takes regular gas.

2017 Ford Mustang GT Engine

2017 Ford Mustang V6 GT Specs

Anyways now back to those paddle shifters real quick, i just put in paddle shift mode and unfortunately right now I got some horrible traffic in front of me so I left in 3rd gear, and it didn’t shift for me. With paddle shifters, do not try to take control and tell me what to do because when i put in paddle shift mode, of doing so because i want to have control of the shifting. And the Mustang pulls through for me there by not shifting for me, so thank you ford.

There’s just a tiny, little delight not as bad as some of the other cars I’ve driven, but I definitely like that the 2017 Ford Mustang does come with paddle shifters, if anything it’s nice to have a little extra control going around the turns when you want to downshift and just blast out of the corners.

2017 Ford Mustang GT 0-60

Anyways now that i’m cruising once again behind traffic as far as visibility goes i gotta say with all the muscle cars that i reviewed, I like the Mustang best when it comes to visibility. i got what i consider to be a pretty larger window there so I can see perfectly fine out the back, side mirrors are also really nice, and there’s also smaller blinds in mirror as well in that side mirror, so little extra visibility when you want to go to change lanes there.

2017 Ford Mustang GT Lightning Blue Metallic

will say another thing before i do my little 0 to 60 run here these are just the base seats on the Mustang that I have right now. these things are bolstered really well actually I’m surprised, these are really comfortable seats invested in the leather seats in the mustang as well and honestly I got to say, I have no preference, these are just as good in my opinion as the leather died Saturday when the premium trims.

2017 Ford Mustang GT Exterior

definitely not as fast as the GT but it still delivers a good bit of power, in anyways continuing on up front there are HID headlamps with the automatic feature, meaning when it starts to get dark out the cars going to detect and automatically turn on your headlights for you so you don’t have to think about that, around on the side there are body-color side mirrors just blow that standard wheel size comes in is 17 inches they’re gonna be the five-spoke design that you see in there but there are 18 and 19 inch wheel sizes available as an option on the v6 if you want to go that route. they just behind the wheels as far as the brake setup goes, up front is going to be 12.5 inch rotors with 2-piston CalPERS, and then the back again there’s 12.5 inch rear rotors with single piston calipers.

2017 Ford Mustang Lightning Blue Metallic Side

And then around back there is a standard deck lid spoiler delete however there is a rear spoiler available if you wanted it, and of course there are other sequential tail lamps, as well they are led, just one of those things that the mustang has been known for they always look good, then below that there is a dual exhaust setup so is always here is that exhaust clit.

2017 Ford Mustang GT Cargo Space

And now since we’re around back let me pop open the trunk here and by the way that can be done by using, the key fob! so right there is where you can press the pop open the trunk there is locking on lock on this key, and by the way there is a remote start as well that’s the 2x button itself definitely a sweet feature there. And of course this is what the other side of the key looks, like if that sticker wasn’t there would be a Mustang behind there, believe it or not.

Now that we have the trunk open here cargo capacity is going to come in at 13.5 cubic feet, in case you need more space that rear seat does fold down. for some additional room if you need it, as far as the backseat legroom goes it’s probably possible for an adult to fit back there but for the most part by better left for kids for reference I’m six feet tall this is how much space, i had going on back there. but then swinging up front as far as this front seats, go they are four-way manually adjustable with a cloth vanishing like i said, in my opinion these seats, are just as good as the leather as far as the bolstering goes at least.

2017 Ford Mustang GT Features

Been to the steering wheel that steering wheel does come wrapped in leather is definitely a nice feel and it is tilt and telescoping, so between the seat and the steering wheel you should have no issues finding your perfect driving position there. but as far as the startup goes you can leave the key in your pocket you can throw it in the cup holders, or put it whatever you want inside the car all you need to do is put your foot on the brake press the engines start, but if you’re an automatic that is. then upon start the car is going to try and see a couple times, tachometer is on the left speedometer is on the right and of course there’s a bunch of more information you can check out in the middle, like that first section is called gagmen you’re going to be able to see how many miles you have left until you, had empty and a couple more of the car settings there, and the next thing you

Can check out it was surprised what i would leave it on is the trip moment. Besides the trip it’s also going to tell you again how many miles you have left until you an empty as well as your average miles per gallon.

2017 Ford Mustang GT Engine

But then continuing on always save it for this part but this is the best part about all 2017 Ford Mustangs they all come with something called track apps. You’re gonna have a bunch of different statistics so if you get your degree in economics like i did, this is words at. its many ways this could include things like 230 0 to 60 there’s the quarter mile times, bunch of awesome information like that is the brake performance or 60 20 as well it’s going to be a lap timer you can set that up if you like. then there’s a couple other settings as well you can mess around with their, then overall as well as the overall interior quality goes i do like the little details like on the passenger side just above the glove box. there’s the Mustang emblem there since nineteen sixty-four that’s pretty cool just below that there’s kind of a carbon fiber type of look .in the glove box is going to be a soft-touch leather as well as around. The shifter as well but then front and center on the V6 there is a standard sync system, and I remember really liking the sink three so let me try out the standard sync system here we’ll see what we got going on.

2017 Ford Mustang GT Interior

2017 Ford Mustang GT Interior

Sound systems definitely pretty loud this one does come with a six-speaker audio system, you can see what station or CD or song is playing up on that same system that’s pretty cool, it’s also going to tell you the temperature and the time and upper corners there. And then when you put it in reverse there is a reverse camera so you can see who or what is behind you don’t go running anything or anyone ever. always that kind of leads me into safety so there are front side and side curtain airbags on the V6 here, and in the back there is latch AKA lower anchors and tethers for children so if you want to put a car seat back there it is doable, although you would probably have to fold this passenger seat up in order to fit rear facing at least. Anyways that is about it for this one you guys.


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