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2017 Genesis G90 Sedan and Coupe, Specs, Reviews

2017 Hyundai Genesis G90 Review

Not long ago, Genesis was a sedan and coupe from Hyundai, now its own brand raising two questions. Is Genesis a legitimate luxury brand and as the G98 a worthy flagship. Superficially the answer to both is yes, and upright grill confidence dance and distinguished stature, I’ll sing from the luxury songbook. Peek the same, holds true, nearly every surface is swathed and soft, pleasing materials flanked by stitched leather real wood trim. Have to look for hard plastic and even then it doesn’t feel cheap. “And yet these paddle shifters are plastic and sometimes we use them they squeak.” Considering how nice the rest of the interior is these underwhelming touch points are a real missed opportunity.

 2017 Hyundai Genesis G90 Sedan and Coupe

Paddles aside the cabin looks and feels properly luxurious. OK maybe not S-class luxurious pretty darn nice, reinforcing that sense or full size dimensions. With the front scene set for my frame and the center armors in the lower position, the back seats field executive worthy, can also flip this thing up and move to the center position though the back rest is pretty firm, making this middle manager worthy, gotta climb that ladder if you want the good seats.

Case in point, our adjustable ventilated rear seats, are only included in the more expensive V8 model. Behind those fancy seats, is a 15.7 cubic foot trunk, that’ll do the job, that you actually get a larger trunk if you bought a Ford Fusion, and it’s worth nothing. Rear seats do not fold, total bummer for well-to-do pole vaulters. Assuming there are some. Mounted high in the dash, is 12.3 inch display for the infotainment system. A lack of apple carplay and android auto support is annoying, but the system controlled by this all-powerful knob, otherwise just fine.

2017 Hyundai Genesis G90 Sedan

From a usability standpoint, I like physical buttons but the linear layout, demands too much attention to figure out which one of these thing, the thing I want, and blue link, one more complaint and it’s kind of an oblong, but if you’re listening to music and your phone, and you shut up the car, disconnected. listen home base theme song, and then leather, you come back to your car it won’t wait for you connect your phone which are listening,  are listening to previously it will automatically start playing from the built-in jukebox in this case and Linux.

Making noise, very little permeates G90 skin, thanks to thick insulation noise-recuding wheels tripe door seals and acoustic glass all around. Creating a serene oasis elevated by exceptional right bumper. I’d say the 2017 Hyundai Genesis G90 floats over a bump that implies a disconnected ride all in “nineteen seventies area Cadillac.” Instead let’s just say, that it glide over the road, that completely disguising it. Which is a testament to suspensions outstanding adaptive damping system?  Fling the G19 to return and it clings firmly to the road. Never feeling unsettled, no matter how hard you push it. It’s just competent dignity right up to the limit.

2017 Hyundai Genesis G90 Test Drive

Interestingly steering feeling traditional Hyundai sore point is actually pretty good; steering also utilizes a variable gear ratio. That’s a little bit slower on center and then quicker at the limits, which improved stability on the freeway, and also enables quick u-turns, or just radical maneuvers like that.


Under the G90 long hood it’s a 3.3 liter twin-turbocharged V6 or a 5-liter V8 each match to an all but transparent eight-speed automatic transmission. V6 is plenty powerful, but given the V8 model similar fuel economy, fancy rear seats, LED headlights versus the B6 bi-xenon units, and inconsequential sixteen hundred dollar premium, hard to justify sticking with the V6, So even the V6 delivers the kind of swift effortless acceleration synonymous with proper luxury brands.

2017 Genesis G90 Interior Photos

The customizers among us, transmission and throttle behavior can be adjusted with this intelligent drive mode button. Along with suspension settings stability control and steering efforts. Though the basic smart setting works well enough, at this little guy will probably go unused.

If you live somewhere winter exists, consider each track all-wheel-drive. 2500 dollars its ends up to 40 percent of the engines power to the front wheels and slippery conditions, but can also send one hundred percent to the rear wheels for maximum efficiency. In fact rear and all-wheel-drive V6 models, at the exact same EPA estimed fuel economy, VS-si nominal 1.mpg drop in city and highway driving 469.000 dollars including destination. The Genesis G93.3 T premium trim, includes highly adjustable front seats with heating ventilation and memory functions, a heated steering wheel, three-zone climate control, passive entry with push button start, wireless phone charging, 19-inch wheels, full speed dynamic cruise control, a power trunk that automatically opens if you stand mirrored 43 seconds, and standard power rear sunshades are much more dignified than a towel in the window.

And because modern luxury demands absolutely bitching speaker grills, a 900 watt lexicon audio system with 17 speakers and a 10 inch subwoofer, comes standard. and once you get tired of arguing the stainless steel grills, I suggest actually listening to the system, sounds pretty good.


2017 Hyundai Genesis  G90 also features a host of standard safety features, including Lane Keeping Assist, Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, Cross-traffic alert, dynamic headlights with high beam assist, a 360 degree camera system and a blind-spot warning system, that can help steer the vehicle away from collisions. Where standalone options are concerned, really aren’t any, aside from all-wheel-drive again given its superior power, features and modest sixteen hundred dollar premium, we highly recommend the VA model.

2017 Hyundai Genesis G90 Specs

Finally all Genesis vehicles include roadside assistance, complimentary maintenance and a vallet service dealer personnel will retrieve your car for repairs, leaving a loner while they’re gone, All free for the first three years and like it Sunday siblings, the G90 features a 10 year 100.000 mile power train warranty, Supplementing the five year 60.000 mile bumper warranty.

Spending 70 grand for a car with Hyundai heritage sound outrageous, what else should you look at. Mercedes-Benz S-class offers unbeatable luxury, with a hefty price tag to match? The Lexus LS is a smart by with strong resale values and a record for reliability. The BMW 7-series is a technological power  house, between a partly carbon fiber body structure, the Audi A8 looks like an outie in the best way possible, and the Cadillac CTS 6 delivers American excellence in a not quite full size package, for  a base price under $60.000

2017 genesis g90 interior photos

If you’re loaded, you want a large luxury sedan to convey that fact, maybe you should stick with the traditional luxury brands. but if you don’t mind occasionally explaining what a Genesis is G90 delivers, Automotive indulgence for a comparatively frugal some. Looks like Genesis has its flagship. For more on sedans, checkout and also read: 2018 Lexus LC 500- LC 500h, First Look, Price, Review


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