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2017 Honda Accord Sedan Specs, Price, Review

The editorial team at loves the ninth generation 2017 Honda accord, as indicated by all the awards we’ve thrown. At it well that love has only intensified following the Accords 2016 refresh.

2017 honda accord led headlights

Infotainment System

Starting with the superficial the Accords mid-cycle makeover brought new materials to the interior, along with a more provocative exterior, punctuated by LED running lights on higher trims and wheels that top out at 19 inches. On the infotainment front, Honda’s insistence on removing all the volume knobs from their cars remains the store. But the addition of apple carplay and android auto to the option list is a pretty decent peace offering seriously learning a single interface that applies to both your car and your phone that is the future.

2017 honda accord interior dimensions

Perhaps the most significant addition to the refresh the cord is Honda sensing, a suite of technologies available on all trims, that helps shield the driver from the burden of driving. forward collision alert helps me not fly one of the car that’s driving ahead of me, Lane Keeping Assist will definitely pull me back in my land if I fail to heed the lane departure warning, and dynamic cruise control means, i can maintain a safe distance from the vehicle and following while paying almost no attention to it.  It’s a golden error for inattentive drivers

Honda Accord MPG

With a different structure, rework suspension and retune electric power steering system, behind accord once again lands at that sweet spot between ride comfort and agility. Enhancing the experiences excellent our visibility, and a quiet cabin aided by active noise cancellation we also have praised for the 2017 Accords powertrain options. The base direct injection 2.4 liter 4 cylinder returns up to 37 highway MPG and feels plenty Pepe. The sport trim up that pep ever so slightly. Maximum efficiency and lower trims, can be had by swapping the standard 6-speed manual, for an $800 price you’re continuously variable transmission that delivers smooth efficient operation #NAME?  Older CVTs.


Defying a trend towards smaller turbocharged engines behind a court can be had with a V6. Not only powerful but returns up very reasonable 34 MPG on the highway. i should also point out that the six-speed automatic that comes with the view 6, it’s not always the smoothest operator. Then again neither am i I’m!

2017 Honda Accord Interior

Aboard the latest record, and you’ll enjoy quality materials and ample passenger space up front. rear seat headroom slightly trails the Toyota Camry and ford fusion, but for most people the Accords rear quarters just fine. Out back the nicely finished trunk offers a competitive 15 and half cubic feet. Of carrying larger items is tricky due to a narrow pass through. if you’re willing to spend a few hundred dollars extra, the accord can also be had as a coupe, barrier aerodynamics might be its fuel efficiency versus the sedan but hey, the perpetual thrills of coop ownership require a few sacrifices.

2017 honda accord model comparison

Visibility out of the court is actually pretty good, but Honda still offers their Lane watch passenger side blind spot camera system. Scan the screen after looking over your shoulder you have a nice little safety net. Not turning in front of bicyclists pretty cool to.

2017 Honda Accord Price

The same standard 7.7 inch screen that displays lane watch and the optional navigation system,  is supplemented on higher trims by a 7-inch touchscreen used to control audio and phone functions. Speaking of higher trims they include niceties like heated front and rear seats, leather, front and rear parking sensors and automatic high beams. But even in base form, the core features goodies like a USB input, a multi-angle backup camera, dual zone automatic climate control keyless entry with push button start and six airbags. Assuming airbags qualify as goodies. In the Tour de France of pricing the 2017 Honda accord rides mid-pack. With a sub $23,000 base price and max price around $36,000.

2017 honda accord sedan

Those numbers look even more appealing with the knowledge that the 2017 Honda Accords resale values rival the best in class. Even so, some buyers might prefer the Mazda6 is sporting flare, the Toyota Camry’s smooth ride in general Toyota’s, enticing features and long warranty offered by the KIA Optima and Hyundai sonata, maybe the striking looks and optional all-wheel drive of the ford fusion.

 2017 honda accord photos

Like a good server at a restaurant, behind accord and presses quietly doing its job with zero drama. Depending on your specific taste, they’re certainly reasons to look elsewhere, but if what you need is an all-purpose family sedan, the Honda accord is an easy solution. Also read; 2017 Honda Civic Sport Review and Price


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