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2017 Honda Ridgeline Review, Road Test, Configurations

This is the 2017 Honda Ridgeline, I think it’s one of the most interesting vehicles on the road. the interesting parts back there. OK, and given how many millions of pickup trucks hot America’s roadways. Ridgelines bed might not see noteworthy. and yet, the space, doomed to haul junk to the dump screams tons of ingenuity. Innovation number one, is a dual-action tailgate that flips down like you’d expect. The ticket to drop down rotates out kind a like a station wagon, giving you easy access to the bed and the embed trunk.

 Honda Truck Ridgeline 2017

Interior and Cabin

On this interpretation of pickup, offers lots of functional benefits, but there are also limitations, with its car like unibody platform, the Ridgeline 2017 comes only as a crew cab, with the five foot four inch bed. Or any other configuration will need a traditional body-on frame pickup track. Ridgelines bed is also shallow, with a high floor. those caveat side Ridgelines composite bed is highly capable. Posting standard bed lights eight 350-pound tie-down cleats, and nearly 1600 pound payload capacity, just remember not to a gas can in. inside and the 60- 40 split rear seats, flip up to carry even more stop, though a properly flat for would be nice. But the seats down, you can hide valuable gear underneath.  The seats and people carrying mode, there’s more than enough space for three adults with more than adequate head and legroom. Facilitated by a flatfoot place right here, but i will say that rear seats-back little vertical for my taste.

 2017 Honda Ridgeline Interior Pictures

Look and feel around the cabin, and it’s clear the Ridgeline is an exceptionally refined mid-sized truck, as if the interior was nabbed from some thoughfully crafted SUV, in fact it was, guess which one is the Honda pilot, which is the Honda Ridgeline. the Ridgeline doesn’t just look like a Honda pillot it feels like a honda Pilot. The materials controls and cabin noise all-match expectations for a modern SUV, not a rugged and raw pickup truck.

2017 Honda Ridgeline Interior Colors

Quarter that sense of refinement is a fully independent suspension that absorbs, craptastic road imperfections with ease unfathomable by traditional pickup trucks. with their live rear axles in their old timey body-on frame construction.

2017 Honda Pickups.

Towing Capacity

Powering All 2017 Ridgeline to say 3.5 liter V6 teamed with a six-speed automatic transmission, providing agreeable ships and stat acceleration. Front-wheel drive is standard before you cry sacrilege note that the 2017 Ridgelines fuel economy, Beats or exceeds the rest of the V6 mid-sized, field. for added traction Ridgelines all-wheel-drive system offers dedicated snow, mud and scan modes as indicated by these fun animations. Adjusting throttle transmission and torque distribution accordingly, system also boasts four vectoring abilities, getting a direct power to the outside rear for improved cornering. Spring for all wheel drive and tow capacity increases from 3502- 5,000 pounds, so even at 5,000 pounds Ridgelines max towing ability trails the competition.

2017 Honda Ridgeline Towing Capacity

Infotainment and Featured

On the infotainment front, lower Ridgeline trims make do with a 5 inch LCD screen while higher trims featured this sharp-looking quick reacting 8-inch touchscreen. among the 2017 Honda Ridgelines standard equipment list, are active cancellation, 18-inch wheels a backup camera and a 200-watt, seven speaker audio system with the subwover, one USB port and Bluetooth, and while push button start does come standard the base RT trim requires you to unlock the doors with the fob. Climbing the trim ladder adds features like passive entry navigation a power sliding rear window, acoustic windshield, a 400-watt truck bed outlet, zone climate control, our leather seats heated front seat and a 540 18 speaker audio system.

New Honda Ridgeline Interior


like its pilot cousin 2017 Honda Ridgeline beastie highest rims, includes modern driving aids like, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, collision mitigation braking, Lane Keeping Assist and blind spot monitoring with cross-trafic alert. starting a slightly more than 30.000 dollars, which line is priced competitively vs comparable  be six crew cab versions of the toyota tacoma, chevy colorado and GMC canyon. Know the 2017 Honda Ridgeline is not going to work for all truck buyers but i’m guessing it’s more than enough truck for most. Also read: 2017 Honda CR-V Quick Drive, Redesign, Changes

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