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2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label Review and Price

There’s a good chance that the last Lincoln sedan you wrote in, dropped you off at the airport. Well Lincoln has a new continent for it’s over my left shoulder and it’s aimed squarely, at the heart of the mid-size luxury market, let’s take a first look.

2017 lincoln continental black label

Exterior Design

In-person the Lincoln continental 2017 has a stately muscularity about it, fancied up with chrome trim and a badge grill. but perhaps the most interesting exterior elements are the door handles are built into this chrome strip right here there’s a little micro switch, push it and it opens the door. is also a super capacitor in case the battery dies, and let you open and close the door 20 times and there’s a little hole right here that lets you unlock the door manually using the key and if you’re inside. There’s a release so you don’t get trapped the interior so nice you might wanna.


With the Chinese market in, mind Lincoln blessed the Continental with a really big backseat. but appear spaciousness doesn’t dazzle you, try to receiving package. You’ve got cool and heated seats and a massage function, and you can recline, I guess that’d be the word and if you send the right side, you can adjust the front passenger seat as a show of power. all this is lovely but actually the real magic happens up front.

 2017 lincoln continental interior

Ten way power adjustable seats come standard with the optional perfect position 30 way seats, elevate seat comfort to Caligula levels of excess. you’ve got multi-level lumbar support, bolsters on the bottom, and the top, and then you can adjust the headrest here, there are individual five supports. because sometimes you just need your left thigh higher than your right thigh, with all this adjust ability, there’s a lot of options for making yourself comfortable. and yet! right here in this spot, that divides the lower and the upper part of the seat back, there’s this seam and I find a pretty uncomfortable. I mean yeah it’s kind a cool to be able to just those separately, but i would happily accept 28 way seats to avoid that scene. slight pressure i didn’t buy a Lincoln Continental 2017 for this.

2017 Lincoln Continental Configurations

the interior is more than the sum of its seats though material quality is really quite nice to get this lovely stitching, real wood and a lot of soft materials. Visually it’s a fairly restrained design, but overall everything feels nice, very minor complaint but this, this me pad right here is actually too low, for my need to use.

2017 lincoln continental select

Mounted front and center is the same sync 3 infotainment system that we really really like, and all the other cars driven in it works great here, in Lincoln continental but its best enjoyed with the optional 19 speaker, Getting those sweet speaker grills that are inspired by the Beatles.

2017 Lincoln Continental Reserve

One last thing before we actually drive Lincoln continental, like the Continental you know the trunk is big, but this one is a very nice square shape it’s covered in a surprisingly nice materials and it has a power activated trunk lid, now what’s actually driving the continent.


Powering this particular car, at the top of the line 3 litre turbocharged v6, 400 horsepower and 400 pounds of torque, it’s as quick as you’d expect. as you might also expect from a forced-induction engine, there’s a little lag to stab the throttle. it takes it before the power comes in, but when it comes in, there’s plenty. Power from the engine makes its way to the ground via a six-speed automatic transmission and in this car, and all-wheel-drive system with a torque, vectoring rear differential. Because no good can come from sending 400 horsepower or just the front tires unless you’re both fast and furious which I am.

2017 lincoln continental price

All-wheel drive is available in all Lincoln continentals 2017 but if you choose the base 3.7 liter, or the optional 2.7 liter turbo engine, front-wheel-drive come stand. talk to the folks from Lincoln and they will tell you about the continentals, effortless persona. true enough with the adaptive suspension set to comfort, the right is fairly plush at an acoustic side glass, and active noise cancellation, and have a ride that’s a serene as you’d expect from a car named gotten.


I wouldn’t say its sporty 2017 Lincoln continental does steer pretty well, and it is pretty quick, and if you are motivated you can definitely keep up with that previously in front of me. more than that the available adaptive steering system, speeds up the steering at slow speed actually reducing the number of turns lock to lock, you can make very quick u-turns and then slows it down the freeway for stable driving.

2017 lincoln continental premiere

In total the 2017 Lincoln continentals a comfortable capable sedan. Drivers that are as capable as it is technology intervenes. There’s a 360 camera system, and automatic parking system, Lane Keeping Assist, and dynamic cruise control with stop-and-go functionality will make up for your marginal driving abilities the continentals judging you.


You like what you see, be prepared to cop up $45,000 for a base model, and $80,000 so for a top-tier Black Label continental. With 2017 Lincoln continental replace the Audi A6 and BMW 5-series as the mid-size luxury sedan of record, maybe? Maybe not! At the very least. For more sedan check out and also read 2017 Cadillac XT5 luxury SUV, Specs, Price, Review

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