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  1. James Dean January 5, 2017 at 01:35 - Reply

    I like the tech savvy driver options and some of the old school throwback they scaled but a four cylinder twin turbo is not something for the flagship model Lincoln. This car should have a grueling V8 turbo with an eco mode for those gun for hire, airport taxis / Limo drivers in NYC. From what common knowledge has made apparent for this vehicle it lingers the whiff of dissatisfaction. If someone wants the prius version that’s what the MK models are for. Let’s think limo conversion here yeah 2.4L tubo, no. Gas is cheap and with a $69k dollar tag who cares about 30 mpg vs the older ones rendering 18-25mpg. America needs to put this car in the realm of the Merc S550 and BMW 550i. Without even going into M or AMG packages for those two, this model needs to be a world competitive luxury brand automobile. What all of us certainly dont want truthfully I’m sure is another American made rebirth of disappointment.

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