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2017 Mazda 6 Specifications, Price, Reviews

Ladies and gentlemen meet the brand spanking new 2017 Mazda6. And this sedan as you know competes in one of the most popular car segments in the automotive biz. The midsize sedan segment which includes very popular cars likes the Camry, the Accord and the Ultimate, and yet, this is the slowest selling car in that segment and the question is why? Well coming up next on the fast lane car we’re going to answer that question together.

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This year so far to the sold about 355,000 cameras, now Mazda sold about 41,000 miles of sixes in that same time frame. Let me put that in perspective for you. That means that every day to the cells over a thousand Camry’s. Whereas Mazda, Mazda cells about give or take a hundred miles of sixes per day. Perhaps the reason this 2017 Mazda6 himself so well is right here under the hood it’s a skyactiv four-cylinder. now for $34,000 that’s OK but if you were to spend less money, you could get in the accord a six-cylinder, in the Camry 86 cylinder, in the ultimate a six-cylinder, in the fusion a turbo instead here we have a 104 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. in this case is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission that the core powers of front wheel.

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So perhaps it has to do with the driving experience. You know I’ve been lucky enough to drive every car in the segment, so I’m very familiar with how the competitors drive. And i can tell you this right away, this by far is my favorite car of the bunch to drive. It is these 40s it is the most responsive, it has the best reflexes that is the athlete of the group there can be no doubt about that. and it just gets better when you sit down, I mean as a British would say this interior is just delicious, it has grumpiness alright, that’s enough of the food i must be hungry, it has a beautiful elegant and sexy interior. That I think is not only class-leading, but put a huge smile on my face every time i sit down behind the steering wheel it’s just well it’s just beautiful.

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So maybe the reason this car doesn’t sell more is because of its fuel economy. Now I’ve been driving this car for a while look over here 88.4 miles, and I’ve gotten 35.9 MPG. That’s pretty phenomenal

For midsize sedan granted that’s been mainly on the highway, but nevertheless almost 36 miles to the gallon, is quite remarkable but usually when a car gets really good fuel economy, it doesn’t do so well from 0 to 60. so maybe the reason doesn’t solids because it slow well there’s one way to find out, I’ve got the solo dl setup I’ve got the car in sport mode and let’s see how it does from 0 to 60 up here at a mile above sea level.

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There are 60 so we did go a little quicker 9.4 to keep in mind if you’re at sea level that be about eight and a half second time. We usually about a second slower up here in a mile above sea level but nevertheless eight and a half seconds from 0 to 60 is nothing that’s going to set the world on fire alright so we know it’s one of the less powerful cars in the segment. But look at it it’s beautiful I mean its low, it’s wide, gosh it’s sexy. It’s going to be one of the best-looking if not the best-looking car in the segment isn’t that enough to sell more than 41,000 it’s a year. The steering is directed responsive the brakes are linear. The seating position is what you want from a car that aspires to be athletic. It’s not just an appliance that you take to work it’s not a car you drive, because you have to get the car you drive because you want to. And you know I don’t know what more of a definition you want for fun to drive the men. It is one of my favorite cars, it is one of the most fun to drive cars in this segment, it’s just a hoot.

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So here’s the thing, the base camera starts at about $23,000. The Mazda6 2017 starts at about $22,000. so it’s actually a thousand dollars cheaper so if you’re thinking that maybe it’s because the mind is more expensive well you’d be wrong.

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You probably know this but the Volkswagen pass at has the largest seat the segments, maybe the reason people are buying the 2017 Mazda6 is because it’s tight back here. You know I’m 62 look at this, I think that plenty of knee room, I’m sitting behind myself, there’s a comfortable and rest here armrest and look at this we even have heated rear seats.

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Yeah it’s not enormous back here but it’s certainly not uncomfortable for a big guy like me. So why isn’t the 2017 mazda6 selling more well some people say it’s because it has a much smaller. Dealer network some people think it’s because of brand or car awareness, and of course is the fact that it doesn’t have a V6. I think it’s probably because of all of those reasons, but the irony is that car should be selling a hell of a lot more, because it’s a great car that’s a lot of fun to drive.

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