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2017 Toyota Prius Prime Advanced MPG

As simply a bridging technology between conventional hybrids and emission-free vehicles, plug-in hybrids are typically based on existing platforms. Case in point, but the previous Prime is much more than just a Prius with a bigger battery stuffed in it, in fact it’s a superior car and almost every way, Here’s why.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Plug-in Hybrid


First and foremost our looks, one comes off his futuristic and forward-thinking, all the other looks like an origami spaceship. Yes a cars appearance is largely subjective but it doesn’t take a keen eye for beauty to pick out the look of this brunch. One of the key differences inside is about this. a vertically oriented 11.6 inch tablet style display, that serves as the primary control interface for media navigation, and efficiency tools. It’s fast easy to use, but a bit difficult to see during daylight hours due to the matte finish. And unfortunately the climate controls have been merged into screen, making this infotainment system a bit more distracting than that of the standard previous. But that does look cool, and everyone knows looking cool with driving a Prius is all about.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Interior

Another cool yet somewhat less practical element is the rear seat; it features two seats in a multi-function center console in lieu of a traditional three passenger bench. this could be a slight drawback for those cross free I ,since the primes larger battery pack also brings about twenty percent reduction in total cargo room. But when pitted against the Chevy volt and it’s utterly useless middle seat, Prime gives up nothing on both the people and cargo hauling front. In fact the Prime provides an agreeable amount of rear leg room, along with significantly more Headroom than the vault. all that said, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Toyota relocate some of the prime electrical component tree, to accommodate a fifth see we also hope a possible update to the rear quarters.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Photos

So how does the Prime different from the standard 2017 Prius Prime on the road. Not much, but there are a few nuances that play into the Primes favor. For one it utilizes completely different suspension system that, despite the Primes modest 77 pound weight penalty and parts up with a more solid hunker down fuel on the highway, as well as a noticeably smoother ride. This redesign suspension combined with a low mounted lithium-ion battery pack, enables the prime to change direction, quickly as the standard Prius. Road and wind noise suppression is awash though; clearly engine noise suppression goes to the prime, for the first 22 miles.

Prius Prime Advanced MPG

After which time the 1.8 liter gasoline engine kicks in to deliver an additional 620 miles of driving range, while returning an EPA-estimated 55 MPG in the city and 53 MPG on the highway. Sure, roughly 25 miles of electric range isn’t exactly revolutionary that’s also the point. Previous Primes battery pack, delivers chest enough electric driving range, cover the daily commutes of most average Americans. Assuming you’re able to recharge at work.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Premium

Though it is compatible with 240-volt level 2 chargers, Primes universal appeal derives from its four basic recharging processes. Simply plug in the supply charge cable a traditional three prong outlet and voila. Five-and a-half hours later, you get a fully charged battery. no longer will you need to purchase an expensive 240 volt system for your home, or waste time driving around your office in search of a dedicated EV charging station. That’s time that could be spent showing off the other Prius drivers.

Tax Credit

with Toyota’s improving reputation for reliability and quality under its belt, not to mention rock-solid residual values, and some of the lowest ownership cost in the industry, the previous Prime is Brimming with value, even before factoring transaction prices into the equation, and the news gets even better when you. Do already an affordable by its $28,000 starting price, the priest Prime quality for up to $45,000 in federal tax credits, along with up to $1,500 and state incentives, where available. In other word the better driving better-looking, and more efficient previous Prime, checks in at least $2000 less than the standard version. This enticing entry point also stacks up favorably against the competition. Undercutting the Chevy Volt by nearly $3000, before Fusion energy X $4500, in the Hyundai sonata plug-in by more than $70,000.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime availability

So what does 2017 Prius Prime offer for that price? besides expected standards like Bluetooth alloy weels and a backup camera. Base models also include LED headlights, a 7-inch touch screen with navigation, pass eventually push button start, a smart phone activated air conditioning system, this ultra trick carbon fiber lift back, and Toyota’s safety sensor suite of active safety aids, comprised of adaptive cruise control , a departure prevention, automatic pre-collision and automatic high-beam control, go all in with heated seats, steering wheel, automatic headlight control, rain-sensing windshield. For more on superior car, checkout and also read: 2017 Genesis G90 Sedan and Coupe, Specs, Reviews

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