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2018 Ford Expedition Interior, Redesign, Release Date

We’re in the redesigned 2018 Ford Expedition right now, I’m 60 tall that’s why would fit to drive, I’ve got pretty good room right here at good leg room left over, Nice high ceiling position seems kind of split between the most forward and most rearward position, and here’s why? The magic really comes in third row absolutely cavernous, a lot of headroom leftover nice high seating position very rare among the third rows, and tons of legroom i can even sit comfortably with my legs crossed. This might be the largest third row I’ve ever said it.

2018 Ford Expedition Front

2018 Ford Expedition Interior

Was kind of the point, for added considerably to both the wheelbase and overall life the regular 2018 Ford Expedition about an inch piece for the expedition max the longer version of this SUV, all of that was to add a lot more space to the interior which clearly i think for did check out the styling big and bold up front, the most interesting cue from the thought I think it’s actually this line here this chrome-lined kind of run underneath the windows comes all the way back shirt stays very flat, very horizontal, as opposed to the rising belt-line that you get in a lot of cars and SUVs.

Interior Of 2018 Ford Expedition

2018 Ford Expedition Cargo Space

Now both have similar packaging in terms of seats, for it says the 2018 Ford Expedition Max’s extra 12 inches or so behind, actually just about all goes to benefit cargo space, about 34 cubic feet, were told behind the third row that’s minivan territory tons of space there versus only about 18 cubic feet in the regular expedition, check this out there’s a One Touch power-folding third rose street, they go down without you having to hold down the button which is convenient the second-row seats even release, in this car at the Auto Show very simple from the back if you need to load in something big.

2018 Ford Expedition Seats

Now if you had passengers in that third row and they got out and forgot to put the head restraints down the Ford Expedition 2018, as a button that lowers the head restraints to clear the View straight out back, from the cockpit something a lot of three recipes will not have, the cockpit otherwise reminds us a lot of the Ford f-150, Ford pickup truck based off the same architecture the same platform here as the new Expedition, and lots of just family-friendly features.

2018 Ford Expedition Rear View

2018 Ford Expedition Release Date

From storage compartments ahead of the cup holders, a little conversation here to see people and back, and just mammoth center console, we were able to fit in a copy travel mug, cup of water bottles, pair of gloves, a nice camera, my overcoat and my shoes. In essence, if you really need a minivan that can’t possibly stand actually buy one, redesigned SUVs like this will go toe-to-toe with all the family friendliness of minivans, better than ever. The question is how much this will cost you, well we won’t know until closer to the 2018 Ford Expedition on sale date so stay tuned that happens in fall of 2017.

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