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2018 Ram HD Dodge Rumors, Redesign, Release Date

OK we’re hunting wabbits again, wasn’t being FCA wabbits today, prototypes in the high country, testicles death meals prototypes you know it’s it because we get corrected if we say one either way to see if we say both we can correct answer and don’t feel correct this stuff, yes but it’s all staged so it doesn’t matter. The new 2018 Dodge Rams so heavy duties and light duties they’re working on all of them, 2019 with thinking even though it’s supposed to be 2018, and we haven’t seen hide nor hair of any of these.

 2018 Ram HD Front

2018 Ram HD Prototypes Spied in the Wild

They’re having gigantic, they’re hauling gigantic Muriel trailers, all right nice and just easy, easy just drive, alright so there max on the front see that, good there’s a box underneath, interested in the rear tire got that. Yep! that’s kind of interesting because is that like I don’t know what that might be, could it be a extra fuel tank, after tank maybe, some other time honor maybe they could be testing new to the depth Angkor that could be a measurement tool for the Deaf. Yeah, it could be extra equipment, because it appears to have quite a bit of exhaust equipment underneath, so maybe they’re testing new admissions, in this little room yeah that’s an interesting fine.

 2018 Ram HD Engine

That is very interesting fun, so the new heavy duties we knew that they were testing, and that’s huge right now General Motors has just come out. With their new heavy duty and the numbers are really impressive. And that means that of course the contest goes back over to ran, because technically speaking they’re now, just passed here for sick. friends are definitely going to be different from others the shape i know that they did sky some of it

2018 Dodge Ram Rumors

But the story is you know for just came out with a super duty it’s on sale now, that has 925 puffiness torque. Forward I’m Chevy came out with a new heavy duty for 2017 which is not on sale yet but that’s nine ten. Both of them beat the current ram, so Ram is not gonna wait around. that’s a really good fun, really heavy duty for you and we might find the light duty kicking around here so what we’ve been hearing rumors that there’s also the half-ton, it’s going through its and has a gigantic long cab.

2018 Ram HD Interior

Well the thing is I you know the rumor is that they’re gonna have squink your headlights, so the headlights are going to be a little bit thinner. That our economic system black truck has a 10 log wheel so that’s like a 4500-5500 sassy. this other ones, i think the red line is a 35. and by the way it looks like it has a hood scoop doesn’t it if you look at the the red one there is a bump on the heart,


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