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2018 Toyota Sequoia Release Date, Price, Changes

Just when you thought the full-size truck that SUV segment was dead, trying to add some much-needed life with the introduction of the refresh 2018 Toyota Sequoia. About the 2017 Chicago auto show but take a first look 2018 Sequoia TRD Sport.

2018 Toyota Sequoia

2018 Toyota Sequoia Changes

At the current sequoia has actually been around for quite some time now this current generation the second gen debuted back in 2008, so it’s basically almost as old as the current generation 2018 Toyota Tundra and you can see, this particular that I’m showing you the additional trim this year this is the 2018 sequoia TRD sport, just like the TRD sport the Toyota showed on the refreshed Tundra, you can see compared to the Tundra physically get slightly different wheels are 20 inch black finish wheels and the sequoia only comes in one size unlike some competitors, it is a full-size truck SUV, however they don’t offer an extended wheelbase like they do on the expedition or the Tahoe and Suburban.

2018 Toyota Sequoia changes

2018 Toyota Sequoia Exterior

Now looking at the front, this is 2018 Toyota Sequoia to made extensive changes you can see LED headlights, Full LED headlights are available most trivial comment led a charmed life they have the automatic high-beam function, and the big news about the sequoia and it’s 2018 Tundra 14-18 asap sense plus now standard, for the vehicle comes standard with the whole fleet of drivers test, adaptive cruise control with low to follow link assist automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, that all that good active safety features that families are one.

2018 Toyota Sequoia LED headlights

Of the 2018 sequoia you can see toy also darkens the taillights they’re still not LED taillights, but the look is slightly more aggressive finding more of going into the theme of the TRD sport, other still no chrome dual exhaust or anything like that so I was kind of the point so I didn’t add something about to make the vehicle look a little bit more new but i mean overall this silhouette this car definitely, starting to look a little bit dated but I’m liking some of the changes that Toyota has made the 2018 Toyota Sequoia model.

2018 Toyota Sequoia TRD

2018 Toyota Sequoia Engine

Now on the inside of the refresh the Sequoia 2018 you can see Toyota made similar changes just like the platform at that Tundra now, under the hood played haven’t made any changes, this particular one is only available with this the high output 5.7 liter, V8 still makes 381 horsepower there’s still a base 4.6 if you guys don’t need that big of an engine.

2018 Toyota Sequoia interior

2018 Toyota Sequoia Interior

The dash design of 2018 Toyota sequoia is different from the Tundra, this is the older dash design that I pretty much remembered vehicle first came out, it looked a little bit older, i prefer the dash design of the Tundra, the infotainment system this is the Toyota engine to somebody kind of looks a little aftermarket is they added as the vehicle has gone through the ages, now being that this is not the top align platinum, or the 1794 edition, you do have leather seats in this one with some contrasting silver stitching, but the interiors of what i would call luxurious you need to go up to those higher trim if you want a picture like that, but i mean overall.

2018 Toyota Sequoia TRD sport

2018 Toyota sequoia Price and Release Date

A lot of the manufacturers are paying, close attention to their full size SUV. Toyota who hasn’t done much with their Sequoia is now giving it a little freshening with a brand new option package; it’s called the 2018 Sequoia TRD sport. The sport you’re looking package has a blacked out front grille, black mirrors, black badging and 20-inch black wheels. Underneath, bilstein shocks front and rear TRD anti-sway bars. We didn’t get any information on pricing that’s going to come closer to win this vehicle goes on sale later this fall.

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