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2018 Volkswagen Atlas Release Date, Price, Interior

Crossovers are a big deal here in North America, and Volkswagen has finally gotten around to delivering a three-row family-friendly crossover that competes with the likes of the Ford Explorer and the Toyota Highlander. We’re here in Quebec Canada, to give the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas a quick test, to see if it’s good enough to be mentioned the best in the segment.

2018 volkswagen atlasl front

2018 Volkswagen Atlas Engine

To suggest that the Atlas of the big deal for Volkswagen is an understatement, the company needs to get the American buyers truck back after the diesel scandal and discards would be priced competitively and made in the USA. It’s also worth pointing out that 2018 Volkswagen Atlas utilizes the MQB architecture, which is similar to the Volkswagen golf and Volkswagen Tiguan. it’s interesting to see how much this architecture can scale to the various size of the vehicle a gulf of the compact car and this is a huge three-row SUV and feature a four-cylinder turbocharged engines front-wheel drive. Optional extras include all wheel drive and V6, both of which are car have. That four-cylinder turbocharged engine makes 235 horsepower while the V6 that were driving features 276 horsepower and it’s very smooth.

2018 volkswagen atlas side

2018 Volkswagen Atlas  Horsepower

All vehicles 2018 Volkswagen Atlas will be paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Had one disappointment if the V6 engine which doesn’t have a lot of power. fortunately the transmission is a very good at keeping the car in the ideal gear, while the V6 makes 276 horsepower and it feels very smooth, other cars in the segment featured horsepower numbers as high as 304, and over like the Ford explorer and this might be a turn-off for some buyers, will talk about the way this car drives, the steering is very light which might be off-putting for some it’s a little weird to see that in a German car which normally has very heavy steering. But it’s okay in a car like this, other qualities have liked hearing and in this vehicle it feels really good actually. And that like hearing leads to a very confident feeling car; it doesn’t feel like a large unwieldy vehicle. You’re going to feel comfortable driving the car even in the suburbs or in the city.

No take a moment to talk about 2018 Volkswagen Atlas all-wheel drive system, in the form ocean fit that was originally seen on the Volkswagen alltrack. Primarily its empowers the front wheels, but when slippage is detected it will start sending power rearward or even side-to-side. Now 2018 Volkswagen Atlas has four different driving modes for the all-wheel-drive system: there’s on-road, snow mode, off-road mode and a custom off-road mode as well. Now those four days different driving modes, will adjust the stability control and other characteristics like the AVS, that in all of those different driving situations you’ll have excellent grip. And when you go into the custom mode you can adjust some of those characteristics yourself, including the way to steering filled the throttle response and even the gearbox as well.

2018 volkswagen atlas interior

2018 Volkswagen Atlas Interior

If there’s one thing I can say about the interior of the vehicle it’s extremely spacious. It may not be the prettiest interior of everything and a lot of hard flashes from the mid grade level vehicle, but it’s extremely spacious and not just for the front drivers, for the passengers in the back and even the third row as well. Standard safety features for the star include a rear-view camera, at a post-collision automatic braking system. Which means if you do get into an accident and let’s say you’re sliding or being pushed around by another vehicle the car will automatically engage the break “that you don’t slide into oncoming traffic or even worse situation.”

2018 VW Atlas Now the list of available features is extensive, there’s a great feature like adaptive cruise control and automatic high-beam, there’s also blind spot monitoring and lane keep assist. Fit and other convenience features include free zone automatic climate control, heated feet and a gorgeous country that works very well.

2018 volkswagen atlas

2018 Volkswagen Atlas Features

Well the interior design is nothing special though safety features are pretty unique, the adaptive cruise control features stop-and-go capabilities, and pedestrian detection, making it quite versatile. There’s also a handy self-parking feature that will help people who may be intimidated by Parton such a large vehicle. As a whole the plane is really delivered on the concept of a family-friendly crossover, the car seems perfect for road trips and for family, it’s got lots of faith, it’s smooth to drive and it’s full of safety feature. What more could you want in a family-friendly 3-row crossover. It may not be the microbus you were hoping for, but the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas is a great family-friendly holler.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas Price and Release Date

In the aftermath of the Devil scandal Volkswagen has to be perfect in order to regain the trust of the American buyer, and fortunately the Atlas 2018 is very good. Going on sale this spring, you can see it for yourself. Base models 2018 Volkswagen Atlas will come in and around $30,000.

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