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2017 Dodge Cuda Specs, Price, Release Date

As we know that there are many automotive manufacturers nowadays. It starts from little to the big one. Moreover one of the manufacturers which have produced various cars is Dodge. Known as luxury car manufacturer, now it comes with the latest car that is 2017 Dodge Barracuda. 2017 Cuda Redesign From the rumor, Dodge Barracuda […]


2018 Ford EcoSport Debuts, Release Date, Specs

2018 Ford EcoSport debuts for American market– Ford says we’ll bring the small SUV it’s ever built the EcoSport to the US market in 2018. Now while it may seem like Ford is copied all the other recent entries into the hot sub compact SUV segment, such as the Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3 the […]


2018 Chevy Traverse Release Date, Specs, Price

General Motors aggressive recant of its SUV lineup continues with the introduction of the 2018 Chevy Traverse. Unlike the similar GMC Acadia which debuted last year, the Chevrolet traverse hasn’t gotten smaller; in fact it’s gotten larger with a longer wheelbase inversion replaces. Chevrolet claims even more room in the second and third row of the […]


2018 Chevrolet Equinox Redesign, Specs, Fuel Efficient SUV

And Equinoxes when daytime equals nighttime all around the world, likewise the redesign for 2018 Chevrolet Equinox, works to even things out among global SUV competition. You see the chevy Equinox and it’s near twin the GMC terrain, they were sort of twiners not quite lining up with other SUV competitors. 2018 Chevrolet Equinox Redesign […]


2017 Ford Mustang GT 0-60, Horsepower, Specs, Price

What is up you guys go penny here today the 2017 Ford Mustang V6 courtesy of mccafferty ford, of Mechanics burg PA and yes this color you’re looking at right now, is one of the new colors for 2017 Ford Mustang lightning blue metallic, and honestly I like it better than the grabber blue, that’s […]


2017 Nissan Maxima Price and Release Date

The Maxima has been Nissan’s preeminent family sedan, for more than 35 years. But seeing as the mid-size Altima, now features more interior volume, along with the $8000 price advantage. Is there still room in Nissan’s lineup, for a traditional full-size sedan.To answer that question, is to understand its place in the universe. Nissan has […]


2018 Ford Expedition Interior, Redesign, Release Date

We’re in the redesigned 2018 Ford Expedition right now, I’m 60 tall that’s why would fit to drive, I’ve got pretty good room right here at good leg room left over, Nice high ceiling position seems kind of split between the most forward and most rearward position, and here’s why? The magic really comes in […]


2018 Toyota RAV4 Adventure Release Date

You have an active lifestyle there’s a new version of the 2018 Toyota RAV4 to its popular SUV, for you it’s called the 2018 RAV4 adventure and it’s got a number of cosmetic changes but a few practical differences as well, first off walking up to the rap for adventure you notice this big black […]


2018 Audi R8 5.2 V10 Plus Price, Specs, Release Date

For 2017 Audi has redesigned the car that in 2010 I declared my single favorite car the R8, now I had resisted picking a single favorite car for a long time but I was overcome by the styling, the driving experience and the price now that attended second-generation, I’m going to go through some of […]