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Chevy Volt 2016 Specs, Price and Review

Chevy Volt 2016

The all new Chevy Volt 2016 will enter the electric cars market in June. That’s our prediction about the release date of new Volt 2016 that will give many things to offer. This variant will be the new generation of Volt that also provided in 2015 as hybrid car. With Toyota Prius, Chevy Volt would dominate the hybrid cars marketplace as they come with some improvements and new specification that will enhance the experience of driving. And we think that there will be sedan and hatchback models in 2016. Let’s take a look at the review below that our team provided based on the official page of Chevrolet.

chevy volt 2016 side view

Engine and Fuel Efficient

Chevrolet does not mention the exact engine type that will be used in Volt 2016. We think that maybe it is the same engine that used on the Chevrolet Volt 2015 but we can’t confirm about that at this very moment. But one thing for sure, Chevrolet claims that with full charged battery, you can reach up to 420 miles with average speed up to 33 mph. Meanwhile the average electric miles for Chevy Volt 2016 is approximately 53 miles, so it is very fuel efficient and budget friendly for your pocket. Now you can drive as far as you want without having afraid about the fuel consumption of the new Volt.

chevy volt 2016 interior

Safety Level

I assure you that the safety system is one of the reasons why you should own this car. Either the hatchback or sedan models Chevrolet will give extra protection with safety features on both models.  One of the genius features is On-Site Safety system. This feature will unlock the all doors and shuts off the fuel pump in order to keep the car safe if it is involved in accident. Plus, there will be 10 air bags that will protect the driver and the passengers from all of the sides so you will be safe in any condition.

Even deep inside of the car, Chevrolet Volt 2016 is made with light-weight yet strong steel materials that create strong cage chassis concept in this vehicle. All of those passive and active safety features will make sure that you are safe with Volt 2016.

Price and Release

In compare with the other hybrid car, Chevy Volt 2016 has inexpensive rate. It is around $ 33,000 when it is released. The additional fee required because it is not including the tax and shipping fee-

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