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Is There Any AWD Sedans under 20K?

AWD Sedans under 20K– Sedan might be the choice for its simplicity. There are still many auto companies that offer the best sedan car over the years. For you who do not have much member family or even single, sedan car might be the best choice. Simple and elegant are two words for sedan car. However, if you have limit budget for buying a car you might not worry. There are also still so many recommended affordable sedan car that can be bought. What are the most affordable sedan car? Just check this best AWD Sedans under 20K.

List of AWD Sedans under 20K

  • Subaru Legacy
    For the best recommendation, Subaru Legacy is the best AWD Sedans under 20K. As well known that Subaru always offers the affordable products with well quality. For the best performance, it will be appeared in standard performances features. The features that will be built in are an automatic lights, an MP3 player hookup, and side curtain airbags. For the best performance, it will be completed in best engine power which is 170 hp with 4 cylinder. With this power, it can reach up to 31 mpg. This Subaru Legacy might be the best choice since it offers best quality in lower price.

2017 Subaru Legacy

  • Toyota Matrix
    If you like red car, Toyota Matrix must be the best choice for AWD Sedans under 20K. The standard features of Toyota Matrix will be offered starts from $19,000. It must be the affordable one. Moreover, this car also has catchy body line with best color exterior. It has more lively color for you who like the stronger look. It has capacity in 26 mpg in highway and 20 mpg in city. For the best performance, there are some features that are built in Toyota Matrix. There are side curtain, an iPod hookup, and anti-lock brakes. Three of them are the standard equipment so that there will be more features that will be featured in this best car.

2017 Toyota Matrix

  • Subaru XV Croostrek
    Once again, the best choice of AWD Sedans under 20K comes from Subaru. There will be some item features that included in this car as the standard features. The 17 in alloy wheels, Bluetooth, and keyless entry are the best three standard features that are offered. For the best performance, it can reach up to 33 mpg on highway. It will be the best choice since it also has great exterior. It comes with orange vibes that will bring fresher looks for you.

2017 Subaru XV Croostrek

  • KIA Sportage
    For the last choice but not the worst one is KIA Sportage. It has more completed standard features which are a USB port for music, an anti-skid system, satellite radio, and also Bluetooth. Although it has lower price, KIA Sportage has well based of engine. It can reach up to 30 mpg in highway in 8.5 seconds with 60 mph and 176 mph. As like Toyota Matrix, it has red vibe for its exterior design. It will be the greater one for the youngster. It is nearly offered from $20.000 so that it must be the perfect AWD Sedans under 20K.

2017 Kia Sportage

Now, you have the list of AWD Sedans under 20K that would fit with your budget and necessity. Make sure that you buy the best one for you!

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