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The 2016 Lincoln Continental Town Car Specs, Review

The 2016 Lincoln Continental Town Car

The 2016 Lincoln Continental Town Car price and specs will be revealed on this page. We know that the fame of Lincoln Continental Town Car is increasing due to its appealing design. It’s like Lincoln put the DNA of limousine vehicle on their new species so wherever you try to see it, the design of this car looks fancy. It has long hood on the rear and front side. It has managed to increase the luxury of this car because it comes out with dark brown color and black glossy color as other option. The large long grilles that blend perfectly with the LED Lights create stunning appearance on this car.

The 2016 Lincoln Continental Interior

Talk about the specs of bodywork, Lincoln brings E-latch door system that will make it smoother and easier. Lincoln also brings more new features on the interior so the passengers can feel both luxurious and high-end technology from the inside. Lincoln equips Continental Town Car with Pedestrian Detection that will make sure the car has smooth automatic braking when it approaches the pedestrian. The new 2016 Lincoln Continental Town and Car also equipped with Pre-Collision Assist and the Rear Parking Assist that is integrated with the interior monitor. Now, the driver can also enjoy the journey with all of these assistance systems.

The 2016 Lincoln Continental Front

Under the hood, maybe you are expecting huge power plant. Well, Lincoln cooperates with Ford so they bring EcoBoost engine system on this luxury car. It will be 3.6-liter V-6 engine that is capable of producing 365 horsepower. The EcoBoost engine will ensure you can reach the maximum torque without consuming more fuel. Now you get fuel efficient system that will assist you to manage the fuel consumption and the power of the engine. The drive-train that provided has not revealed yet, but you will be happy because you can enjoy relaxing driving with 8-speed Automated transmission.

2016 Lincoln Continental Town Car Price

We can’t confirm about the official price of this car but based on some researches, we find out that the base model is approximately $ 70,000 and the luxury trim level is between $ 90,000 and $ 102,000 as MSRP. Keep in touch with us and we will provide the update of 2016 Lincoln Continental Town Car specification and exact price. Maybe, at early of 2016 we can see the official release date and price of this car. And that’s all about 2016 Lincoln Continental Town Car price and specs– 2016 Buick Grand National GNX Specs, Price, Release.

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