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Upcoming Ford Vehicles 2018, F150 2.7 Diesel Truck

Hi guys I’m here in dearborn Michigan where Ford flew me out to tell you about well not this but the new 2018 truck. But there’s a catch, let me show you that, right now. the truck is hiding back there you see the little red in between the slits that’s the new 2018 ford F150 however I can’t show you that truck, but they will let me show you stock video of it and of course pictures so that’s what we’re going to do. So I can’t bring my camera over there and show you, I can tell you everything we know about the new 2018 ford F-150.

2018 Ford F150 Truck

What Ford done on the new model is really extended the grill out into the lamps F150 actually remove this face, of peace to give this vehicle of a little bit, more with not only that does that help it look planted, but it looked helps it look more capable and actually relates to the ground a little bit better. With that Ford also got a new bumper and the new model. as well as a new face of peace that allows us to dump the grill into the bumper a little bit. More to give it a taller built ford tough appearance the other thing Ford done is introduced not unlike Superduty that just came out Ford introduced this twin bar grill, Ford introduced an f-150 a twin bar design similar to this, but a little bit more sporty, a little bit maybe even less capable than super duty but appropriately capable for F150.

2018 Ford Vehicles

This in the end was our mini c-clamp but Ford enlarged that, and enhanced it and created a more harmonious look within the showroom floor with super duty. Part of our goal was to not only give this vehicle some with, but also maximize the differentiation between the series. So F150 got seven new tool drills and there’s very inside those grills that really give us a variety of appearances for our customer. Ford actually introduced six new wheels from a 17 all the way up to a limited 22 inch wheel, F150 got three new 20-inch wheels 1-22 17 and 18, and also offer on the twenties, going kind of with trend although “Chief designer” don’t want to talk about trucks as trendy design, but Gordon Platto said; want to stay relevant fresh so F150 offer to dark 20 inch black wheels.

EcoBoost for 2018

Of course this is the current EcoBoost engine but the big news for 2018 is that for will be unveiling a new 3-litre diesel engine that will be paired to a ten-speed automatic transmission. In fact all the engine choices except for the base 3.3 liter are going to come with the ten-speed automatic, now the 3.3 liter is replacing the current v6 which is a 3.5 years before it says that all their engines are going to have. Better fuel economy more torque and more horsepower, including well including of course the diesel engine.

Upcoming Ford Vehicles 2018

Release Date

Now what those numbers are how much horsepower how much torque with the fuel economy as well for don’t say that yet, but that will be announced as we get closer to the launch of the new truck, keep in mind that diesel which is generating the most interest won’t be available until about the summer of 2018.

New Ford Lightning Coming Out

What F150 done in the back, here so new content for the new model versus the outgoing is new lamps again to kind of be in harmony with the front lamps. F150 got three new application, and got rid of the plastic badging, and actually gave it a real genuine authentic look with the Super Duty stamped in here, so on the f-150 now on the lower series the high-volume vehicle, actually stamp F-150 into the sheet metal, when you get the applique the F-150 goes away cause it gets a little bit busy.

5.0 EcoBoost for 2018

Of course there are new and better technology comes to the level of 2018 what means that when the cruise control set 255, if the traffic comes to a complete stop, the truck will need to come to a complete stop as well. F150 does not have new materials and special premiums received new colors of Platinum. F150 has a new color for the king ranch called Kingsville, and got a new color on our skin treatment specifically limited.

2018 F150 also have two new premium woods, real wood and King Randor. Deal with ago F150 had it just changed up the colors, in yeah they kind of be in harmony with the leather. And when you talk about real words this wood right here this year F150 got it here and also on the console, ok alright so you’re changing the color make your browser. So yeah this changed up the wood on the king ranch stayed the same because it still was harmonious with our new color and the leather, and then on the Lariat F150 also offer a new finish although that’s not the real work.

 Ford Trucks 2018

Well there you have it guys the brand-new 2018 ford f-150, so what do you think about it. But you know what I’ve got somebody here who knows a lot more about this truck our very own Mr. truck. can come on over what do you think of the new truck it’s called enjoy looking at 2018 that’s a long time always this one you know they’ve got the new 3-litre diesel V6, which was a ten-speed stop-start direct-injection that would be a great fuel mileage truck, and we’ll see what kind of power has for towing traders, and a 27 and putting new turbos on the Kraken it’s already a fast fast track that’s.

Going to be you know on the racetrack but it’s a lot of exciting stuff coming out even like the new drills, usually I don’t get that excited better grill, but the new grill, for the 18 some of that that i really like. Also read: 2017 Ford Fusion Sedan, Review, Price, Specs or 2017 Audi A4 Quattro Premium First, Test, Review.

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