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When Will Chevrolet 2017 Models Come Out

The latest salvo in the heavy-duty pickup truck wars is from General Motors. The Chevy and GMC heavy-duty pickup trucks get nineteen percent more torque, twelve percent more horsepower, and thirty-five percent fewer emissions, from there turbo diesel powertrain. Still call the Duramax 6.6 liter v8 but this is a whole new ballgame, a brand-new engine and an upgraded Allison 1000 transmission, let’s take a closer look under the hood. For the 2017 Chevy Silverado HD models that have the Duramax 6.6 liter v8 turbo-diesel, you get this unique hood, but it’s here for a reason.

More than half of the air that goes into this turbo diesel, can come in through these hood scoops advanced, straight into the engine compartment through actually a kind of serpentine angle here before it goes in on the far side of the engine. But interestingly, for any debris dust or water there’s a whole canister here that will suck that water in or dust, and dump it right out so it doesn’t cause any problems to the engine.

Otherwise, the engine itself in almost every single way is completely unique. The block, the heads, the cylinders, the connecting rods, the exhaust system, the catalysts everything on this engine has been touched. The water can produce 445 horsepower, and 910 foot-pounds of torque.

Now the six speed Allison transmission that was already a medium-duty transmission before, so they just had to make a few upgrades, to that to deal with the extra torque and the extra horsepower. This engine much more efficient, much more powerful, and from Chevy’s point of view, they wanted to provide a more confident and safe feel for anybody who’s going to do heavy duty towing. Chevy gave us the chance to do a little bit of towing and believe it or not, put us on an autocross course with these big heavy-duty pickup trucks with their diesel engines,

And the truth is  very responsive, very strong, very powerful in fact, with the Dooley’s where we were talking 10,000 pound trailers, very powerful off the line even got the wheels to spin a bit before the traction control kicked in, but very strong puller very powerful.

But this isn’t a perfect vehicle; we still don’t have any way to see exactly what gears were in when we’re doing any driving. We’d like to see that, we’d also like an easier system to put the DEF fluid in this new diesel engine. is still use that  same old system where you have to pop the hood, and then try to fill up a very small little fill hole, with that de fluid and that can be very cumbersome and make a pretty big mess. After our first look things look, very promising this looks like a very powerful v8 diesel. That should compete, pretty well with the core and rams.

So, if you want to know more about this 2017 Chevy Silverado HD and the Duramax diesel that’s under the hood, go to and also read Toyota 2017 Model Release Date


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